Before you can attend traffic school, you must first pay the court bail amount and request through the court to attend traffic school. You may attend a DMV approved Traffic Violator course for certain moving violations if you have not attended traffic school on a citation issued eighteen (18) months prior to your current citation (counted as the time between violation dates).

2014 California Rules of Court

Who is eligible to attend traffic school:

Generally, you can go to traffic school if:

1. You have a valid driver's license and
2. Your ticket is for an infraction that is a moving violation and,
3. You have not attended traffic school for an eligible violation that occurred within the last 18 months.

Who is not eligible to attend traffic school:

You cannot go to school for any:

1. Equipment or non-moving violation
2. Misdemeanor
3. Alcohol related violation

I. Ineligible offenses to attend traffic school

  1. A violation that carries a negligent operator point count of more than one point uner Vehicle Code section 12810 or one and one-half points or more under Vehicle Code section 12810.5(b)(2);
  2. A violation that occurs within 18 months after the date of a previous violation and the defendant either attended or elected to attend a traffic violator school for the previous violation;
  3. A violation related to alcohol use or possession or drug use or possession;
  4. A violation on which the defendant failed to appear under Vehicle Code section 40508(a) unless the failure-to-appear charge has been adjudicated and any fine imposed has been paid;
  5. A speeding violation in chich the speed alleged is more than 25 miles over a speed limit as stated in CHapter 7 of Division 11 of the Vehicle Code; and
  6. A violation that occurs in a commercial vehicle as defined in Vehicle Code section 15210(b).





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